Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Old Piece, New Face..

Guess who needed a face lift?
My dearest buffet.

I loved the rich, drama of the satin black paint.
Lovely, cozy drama.
I've been wistfully pining away for some lighter colors.

I debated. I toiled. Sweated it out.
(translate: it was really a snap decision)

 I held up millions upon millions of swatches.
(translate: only like...2)
I thought long and hard about it.

And got to work.

mmm- who doesn't just love a good, 'ole unflattering photo?

Friday, May 27, 2011

DIY Anthropologie Inspired Button Bib Necklace

Need a little "something-something" to jazz up your outfits?
Are you searching for an "everyday" necklace, but don't want to spend BIG bucks (or little bucks for that matter)?
Make this!
I've been swooning over big necklaces for awhile now. Anthropologie and LOFT carry them, but I just didn't want to spend alot.
So with a bit of help from a friend, I made my own.

Here's what you'll need:
* 2 Squares of felt of your choosing (I chose black)
*Old buttons  (this would be a good time to raid mom's, aunt's, or g-ma's button collection- BUT craft stores also have them)
(Here's a close up of my buttons):
*At least a 20 in. chain (also at craft stores)
*Little beads or pearls (I have  taupey-looking pearls)
*Hot Glue Gun
optional: Michael Jackson music while you work

Step 1: Shape it, Baby!
Lay your felt out, and play around with buttons until you reach a desired shape or pattern. Mine is clearly uneven, but that's the look I was going for. Find something YOU like and go with it!

Step 2: GLUE away!
Try to add a bit more glue on the buttons with the loops on the back. Make sure all your buttons are straight and "standing up". Feel free to hum along to "Billie Jean" or "Beat It" as you work.

Step 3: Fill in the holes

Once all your main buttons are glued down securely, go back and fill in any gaps with your pearls or beads. Throw a few on top of the buttons you just glued, if you like. Let everything dry.

Step 4: Cut 'er out
Carefully, cut around the edges with a smooth, even cut.

Step 5: Attach your chain

Cut your chain to ~20 in. (or desired length), keeping in mind you will hot glue ~1 in. on each side.
 Flip your necklace over (button side down) and hot glue chain to each side of your bib.

Step 6: Glue your Backing

In order to finish your necklace, let's add a backing. It will seal off your chain, and give your necklace some stability. Add LOTS of hot glue to the back of your necklace (the side where you just glued your chain) Grab your second piece of felt and smush down on your necklace. Let dry. Use the edge of your bib to trace and re-cut out the 2nd piece of felt. Sorry, no pic for this one!

Step 7:
Ta-da! All done!
If there are any little fuzzies left from your hot glue, go ahead and clean those up.
Now, proudly do the moon-walk with your necklace on and brag about how fine and foxy you are!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Emerson Made

I am a habitual gawker. Guilty as charged.
Are you?
 People-watching, window shopping, or pouring over beautiful photography- love it all.

So with that said, I'd love to share with you something that encompasses all 3.

It's a beautiful website, clothing store, and look book, of sorts. Simply beautiful. Lovely photography and drool worthy clothes. And those hand-made flowers..sigh. Grab a Diet Coke and head on over to their site. You will be glad you did.

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Time Has Come to Tell You..

I think it's finally time to share..
I think I'm getting a baby.

No, not that kind of baby (well, at least not yet..).
This kinda baby..

 Neener, Neener, fooled you!
BUT if you've been wondering about the tire tube around my middle, it IS the result of my newly acquired, convenient A.M. donut run. I mean, who doesn't love a vanilla with sprinkles in the morning?

I digress.

 So obviously, I've been checking out sewing machines. They've been on my mind for a few weeks, now. My "ideas and schemes" list has grown so much, and many of the projects involve a sewing machine.

Mom offered to give me hers:

That's ok.
Thanks, though.

So here is my problem.
I don't have the FOGGIEST on how to operate a sewing machine. Like, not a clue.

Always the optimist, here is what I CAN do:
1- Sew a button.
2- Thread a needle.
3- Use a ruler.
4- Cut in a semi-straight line.
5- Hot glue like a champ.

Each time I've popped into my Wal-mart, I've made a lap down the sewing machine aisle. Stitch numbers, bobbins, and plates?
I am looking to buy a basic machine. Doesn't have to be all fancy, doesn't have to be a $100, even. I mean what if I don't like sewing as much as I think I will??

Check this bad boy out.

Please don't laugh- this is the one I am actually thinking about ONLY because it come with an instructional video. And removable covers.

And what about preferences on


Gah- so many choices! Sewing-sensory overload!

Sewing machiners-  what did you start with? Here's your chance to help a sister.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Beach Bum

Beach Bum
      'Bout that time of the year again. You're needing a vaycay too, huh?...I saw the sunshine peeking out today and almost did a little dance. Yup, right there in the Sp. Ed. room... Hold my hands and chant with me.."10 more days of school, 10 more days of school"...

Beach Bum by 662 Eaton featuring knit dresses
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