Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Green Thumb..

 I shared with you that we've been digging, dumping, and landscaping lately, right?
Brenon was the initiator of our "re-vamping" of the flower beds, but I wanted my own green project. Just a little sum-thin, sum-thin, by the back door.

See, I have had my eye on these bad boys for awhile:

 These stacked, clay pots are just fab. I've seen them pop up in a few magazines, lately. All different shapes and sizes. I love how relaxed the look is.  So with inspiration pictures in hand, I got to work.

I attempted to type out a how-to, but it got a little wordy. So how 'bout a visual?

Amateur Picasso, no?
You're going to need 3 variegated pots and 2 pots you don't see. Stack everything up like the visual, and plant away!

<----I chose Hellebores (sometimes called Lenten Roses) for the top and bottom pots..

...and Corra Bells for the middle pot---->

We'll see how long I can keep up my green thumb..

Monday, April 18, 2011


It's about that time of year again.. Easter dress shopping.
While I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Easter is NOT about fashion, it is still fun to get dressy. With all the bells and whistles. For HIM.
In his great power God becomes like clothing to me ; he binds me like the neck of my garment.
Job 30:17-19

My mother always took great care in making sure that Drewsie-Cakes and I looked "so fly". Clearly, you can see the evidence.

But for Easter, the piece de resistance- a sweet, matching smocked outfit or a lovely, little corduroy jumper creation from Chocolate Soup in Germantown, was in order. I always felt just a tad more special with it on.
Man, I loved me some Chocolate Soup.

I digress.

Soo, I have been on the hunt for a new dress. Brenon thinks everyone "needs to look like a fresh bouquet of spring flowers".
I politely disagree.
Here are a few of my faves:

                                      J Crew                                           

                                 Banana Republic                                 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Awkward-Awesome Thursday...

Hooray-almost the weekend! It's Thursday, so you know what that means:
Awkward-Awesome Thursday
Here are a few from the past few days:

  • having a conversation with a work acquaintance, and being accidentally spit on. ANNND having to pretend you didn't notice.
  • being under 65 and loving Danvers Restaurant. Pretty sure they only cater to the Senior Citizen crowd. Man, I love the unlimited Salad Bar.
  • trying on clothes at F21, stumbling and falling down in the dressing room. Then, awkwardly saying out loud, "I'm OK".
  • packages in the mail! Don't you just love them? I've found some super fab deals on everything from new Sp. Ed. materials to spring sweaters. Woot Woot!
  • my latest obsession with making handmade flower rosettes. And putting them on everything. Like, I am swooning over this picture:
  • Falling in love with running again. With all of this spring weather, I've been pounding out the pavement. And it's a nice feeling.
  • Fainting Goats. Bahaha- I just love them. These are my new pick-up when I need a laugh. Take a look-sie..

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Little Humor..

..Just a funny for you. Happy Hump Day..

Monday, April 4, 2011

Mule Day 2011

  What a fun weekend!
A while back, my best friend, Casey, mentioned a local festival would be coming soon to her town and invited me to come up to the Nashville area for the weekend. She explained "Mule Day" is a weekend event, celebrating all things mules and rural life. It would be complete with parades, prisoners, " mountain men" and mules.

Of course- I jumped at the chance. Sometimes you just gotta get away.
Even for a "Mule Day".

Here are a few highlights from the weekend. A special high five for Casey's most excellent photography skills- I am borrowing some of her pics!

I was looking for a local craft or souvenir to nab. This is NOT what I had in mind. What is this??:

A special thanks goes to the kind police officer sitting in front of us at the mule pull. Casey got stung by a bee, and he gave her a pinch of his dip to put on the sting.
Only in Columbia..

On Sunday, we got a chance to visit with Casey's family's friends, the Premos. They have quite a collection of uhh.. pets. Here is sweet Butch.

Wayne and Suede- the Alpacas

Here is the Premo's "fainting goat", Cotton. If you startle him, his back legs give out and he falls over. Pants-wetting entertainment!

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