Monday, April 4, 2011

Mule Day 2011

  What a fun weekend!
A while back, my best friend, Casey, mentioned a local festival would be coming soon to her town and invited me to come up to the Nashville area for the weekend. She explained "Mule Day" is a weekend event, celebrating all things mules and rural life. It would be complete with parades, prisoners, " mountain men" and mules.

Of course- I jumped at the chance. Sometimes you just gotta get away.
Even for a "Mule Day".

Here are a few highlights from the weekend. A special high five for Casey's most excellent photography skills- I am borrowing some of her pics!

I was looking for a local craft or souvenir to nab. This is NOT what I had in mind. What is this??:

A special thanks goes to the kind police officer sitting in front of us at the mule pull. Casey got stung by a bee, and he gave her a pinch of his dip to put on the sting.
Only in Columbia..

On Sunday, we got a chance to visit with Casey's family's friends, the Premos. They have quite a collection of uhh.. pets. Here is sweet Butch.

Wayne and Suede- the Alpacas

Here is the Premo's "fainting goat", Cotton. If you startle him, his back legs give out and he falls over. Pants-wetting entertainment!

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