Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Back.. and With Birchboxes

Well, that was a bit of a break. An unintended 19 day lull to be exact. But I'm back, and yes, still here. How are all of you? Yes, yes, I know,  we should catch up soon. I've missed you. To make-up for my laziness and lack of creativity ahem, absence, I come, bearing gifts to you all.
Well, really just to me.

Since I'm so behind, you friends are getting not one, but TWO Birchboxes today. I completely forgot about my April box until my May box came in the mail. Whoopsie.

Here's the April box. It's kinda feels like one part organic/green living and one part Hawaiian tropics.

And here's the May box. Immediate glitz when I opened the mailer.

Do you watch Gossip Girls? I don't. I just can't get into any CW shows. From what I gather its rich girls in NY who wear uber expensive outfits trying to date one another? Not sure....


These little gifts are fun to get in the mail, BUT I can't use them fast enough. Fun and girly, but unpractical. I almost feel silly wearing the $65 dollar perfume sample that smells like cat pee, just for the sake of not wasting it. What's a girl to do?


southernbellejm said...

i'm giving birchbox one more chance. if my box sucks this month, i'm cancelling it. i feel like half the stuff i don't use.

Lara said...

Oh the mountain of little perfume vials I've collected is ridiculous! Some I really like but I forget to put it on. Need to just give the stinkies away!

I wasn't too thrilled about this month's box. Got that be fine sampler last month & then got an email that some of them were expired and they gave me $10 credit so... check the dates on the lotion & email them if there's an issue!

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