Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Giving it Up..

 Howdy-doo, howdy-doo! Hope you are well. I'm home today with some virus junk. Blah.

When not in my cold-medicine induced cat naps, I have been thinking of today- Ash Wednesday. While I was not raised Catholic, my college friends and I participated by "giving up" something for fun. It was always something silly or goofy. I thought I would I share this year's.. and I have even whipped up a nifty diagram for YOU(ok- I found the time between Divorce Court and Dr. Phil).
 I give you MY latest version of the food pyramid.  So obviously, I've developed this little taste-a-roo for processed stuff. I wouldn't be surprised if my gall bladder is in overdrive! So, until Easter I am going to TRY to cut out some of this junk and actually eat a little better. TRY is the key word.
If you see me, check on me. I'm gonna be the one with hand tremors because I haven't had a Dew and a cheese stick!

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