Friday, December 30, 2011

Awkward-Awesome Thursday

Can you tell I have tons of time on my hands?
My blog posts increase with boredom free time.
 Thanks to high school algebra, I can tell you it's a direct correlation.


*Have you guys seen the Citibank commercial- the one where this couple talks about having a great time using their Citibank points, blah blah. But, then you see the lady climbing solo on this:

 Does anyone else find this PROFOUNDLY dangerous???

*I've watched the same pair of shoes on eBay for the last 3 weeks, each time missing the auction. And each time, messaging the seller, giving some cheeky response as to why I missed it. Each time promising the seller "if you re-list it, I will buy it"..whoopsie...

* No matter if I have one day off or or two weeks, as in this case, my diet on a non-working day is AWFUL. RANDOM. I mean, I start off strong, but quickly stumble throughout the day. What possesses me to eat the things I eat? Case in point, let's evaluate my caloric intake today, shall we: small bowl of oatmeal+ blackberries and turkey sausage, six Mrs. Fields thumbprint cookies, whole grain cereal dipped in butter, 3 Tootsie Rolls, Campbell's Chunky Noodle Soup, another round of cereal and butter, a small baking sheet of seasoned fries with Ranch dressing, and a can of mushrooms . Now I feel weird telling you that. Perhaps its a vitamin deficiency....

*Also on a day off, you will find me frequently in some sort of T-shirt and PJ/ sweatpant combo with....a pair of obnoxious shoes. Wedges, heels, summer sandals, whatever I fancy. Just me, and my shoes, obnoxiously snacking...


* Gosh, I can already tell. Just Dance for Xbox is going to change my life. Watch out Black Eyed Peas, I've now got skilllzzz.

*Speaking of shoes and days off, I have the BEST tip ever. Do you have those pesky new leather shoes that are a bit snug, or that you know are gonna rub blisters? Heels, boots, flats. Wet them. Yup, put them on and dunk them in water and then let them dry to your feet. I will commonly take a shower with my new ballet flats on, and then do my chores around the house. You're welcome.

* What is all this buzz about the book series, The Hunger Games? I see the hype about how great the books are, and now there is a movie coming out? It looks great from the trailer- I might have to check this out.

* Man, I'm really digging glasses. The big chunky kind. Ive had them since the 3rd grade, and just now really embracing them. I'm on the hunt for some like this:


Lara said...

Yes! That commercial drives me nuts too!

Your eat habits sound like mine on the weekend, just mindlessly shoving random stuff in my face... only not in cool shoes! ;)

I'm planning on getting the 1st Hunger Games book this weekend. It's a series for teens like all the others but apparently more mature? Who knows. I love post-apocalyptic stuff. Get it too and we can talk about it! :D

Alex Clark said...

I like to credit the Hunger Games to my absence from the blogging world. I just couldn't put them down!!!! Definitely worth picking up!

PS. I just LOVE these posts! :)

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