Thursday, July 5, 2012

New Face 2.0

I mean, I just can't seem to make up my mind.
Yesterday I woke up with a vast To-Do list.
VAST, friends.
 And I'm pretty sure re-painting the buffet and a chest of drawers was not on the list.

Nevertheless, did I drag recruit a bud to help me in the middle of what feels like Hell's Breath outside.
Yes, yes, I did.
 Haha- She's a good friend.

I woke up itching to paint and since apparently the buffet gets painted every summer, sure, sounds like a great idea.
Annd sure, lets also throw in a chest of drawers to the mix.
Why not??

A funny tid bit about my sweet brother.
For the longest time he thought  "chest of drawers" was called "Chester drawers". He once asked who "Chester" was.

I digress.

So, here we are painting and sweating our tails off. Also, pretty positive we're saying a few choice words in the heat. Everyone received a nice, simple facelift. 
Clean. Fresh. Stark white.

And it looks so good.

1 comment:

Lara said...

This heat is unbelievable! I can't wait to see your pieces all done and styled up!

Your brother isn't the 1st person who thought it was "Chester drawers". hahaha!

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