Saturday, June 30, 2012


We've all made it to the half-way point of 2012.
Whether you've been flying high in 2012 or you've made it by the skin of your teeth, nevertheless, we've made it.
I took a few minutes this morning to think about my New Year's resolutions. Had I made any progress? Or started at all?

Here's a quick re-cap...

1) Speaking of half's, run a 1/2 marathon.... this is still a no. Sigh. I want to. A wonky foot put me out of comission for awhile, and I'm just getting (s-l-o-w-l-y) back in the swing of things. Maybe a Fall 1/2 is in store for me?

2) Keep blogging... check. Blogging is/has been just another creative outlet for me, and I'm humbled by the e-friends I have made. Thanks for all of your funny anecdotes and encouragement.

3) Finish my quilt. Jeez, why on Earth is this one so hard? I came to a total halt with it AND sewing in general. I am determined to knock it out this year.

4) Save money.. a continual check. I'm actually kind of proud of myself. All those days rolling my eyes and eating tuna fish and trail mix for lunch have paid off.

5) Branch out of school therapy... this has been a yes and no.  Have I branched out of school therapy.. um, technically yes. Branching out into an unexpected, fun retail position.. not quite the same kind of therapy. I'm hoping in a few months I can push up my sleeves and find more medical waters.

6) Work on me... Jeez, that looks super corny typed out. But you know what I mean.... I think. Reflecting back towards the beginning of the year, I'm suprised at the number of new things I'm trying. Taking a "just for fun" part time job, challenging my faith in a healthy, positive way, pushing myself during uncomfortable moments- all things I would've been too scared or too uncomfortable to attempt. I'm learning it's ok to be both practical and risky. To not have it all exactly mapped out. Because I might miss some real gems along the way. Now, I feel different. Better. And I'm thankful.

How about you? Still sticking with yours?

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Alex Clark said...

Agh, I'm nervous to look back at my 2012 resolutions. If you need any medical-therapy advice, I'm you're girl- school therapy is WAY more intimidating (kids are freaky!)

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