Saturday, January 8, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursdays...err, Friday

Happy Fwiday (speech slang for TGIF)! Here's to a semi-sane week! Recently, a pal sent me a link of a lovely, little blog. Indeed, quite lovely. After stalking her blog leisurely reading a few posts, I have stumbled upon a re-occurring theme-- "Awkward and Awesome Thursdays". Yeah, you get the idea. Head scratchin' thoughts to ponder on all things weird and wonderful. 

What a hoot! After laughing at a few, I am pleasantly reminded of how "fearfully and wonderfully made" we all are. Forget about what others think of you! This month, I am gonna relish in my awkwardness-- and wince painfully at yours, too!

Awkward: -wearing tights to work. Point of clarification- wearing ripped tights all day, after an "overaggressive" therapy session, at 8:00 in the morning. 
                       - having a kiddo (much later in the day) tell you "your rip looks like the letter /F/"...... uhh thanks??
                       - Unknown caller: "May I speak to Lindsey, please?"
 You: "It is she"( or is it: "I am her", "Here I am", "It is me".. so weird)
                      - Driving home( still with tights on), catching the car next to you fervently picking their nose. They notice too. Awkward eye exchange. (Do you smile/ nod/ look away/ pretend you were looking at something else?)

Awesome: -my current obsession with Krylon Satin Almond spray paint
                      - Ann Taylor Loft's jewelry line...but it might be awkward that I like it. I am turning into a Maw Maw.
                            -a PK kid FINALLY understanding the difference between over and under..whew..
                     -my manly husband needing Vitamin C Gummi Bears.

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Natalie Corinne said...

Lindsay! LOVE your blog. Saw it on facebook; too funny! So glad you're doing well :)

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