Sunday, February 27, 2011

The King's Speech

              Have you gotten a chance to see The King's Speech, yet?

I've been putting it off, but in a free moment this afternoon, I cozied up in the theater and saw it. What a lovely performance! I think it now ranks right up there with my other guilty pleasures, The Twilight movies (I know, officially a sucker). While I don't consider myself a movie critic by any means, essentially the premise is a speech therapist helps King George VI (Colin Firth) overcome a stutter, resulting in a confident wartime King. I applaud Colin Firth's spot-on adaptation of the struggle of a stutterer. A very beautiful movie! 

Go see it!!


Katie Machado said...

It is one of my favorites too!!

CC said...

thanks for visiting me. I liked the movie as well. :)

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