Friday, February 4, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday..

Hooray for Thursday! That just means a day closer to the weekend. I thought I'd kick my heels up and celebrate early with a few awkward awesome moments from the week..

  - You are walking down the hall. You approach another person walking down same hall. You go left. He goes left. You step right. He steps right. You do that awkward- shuffle- face-to-face- stutter step. For an extended period of time. Like, it seemed for-evuh... eek.

-Meeting a friendly new face, for the first time. (Hooray!) You chit-chat and they ask you what you do. You stutter and tell them speech therapist. They give you a skeptical look.. way to go, Linds.. 

- Local commercials. You know, the ones shot and produced in your hometown. Bad lighting, camera angles, the works. What is their purpose?? I am watching a GI medical doctor group commercial now, complete with a jingle about your colon. I am mildly weirded out..

- the mystical, creative genius known as Jimmy Fallon. I can't say enough about how much I love his show. His style, the impressions, his silliness, and the Roots as the house band. 'Nuff said.

  - Gardetto's Rye Garlic Crisps. You might know them as the brown bread circles in a bag of Chex Mix. They FINALLY make a bag of just the brown bread circles. Blisssss..

- A precious kiddo, smiling up at me, and asking "If I would be his girlfriend?".  I told him "no way- Miss Lindsey is 100 years old". I think he believed me.

-The hubster telling me we have only 4 more months of paying for school. My eyes still well up at the anticipation of that relief.

 OK-I need to run.. Jimmy is on, and my Gardetto's are calling my name..

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