Thursday, February 10, 2011

On a Date...

    Hooray! Another snow day! And what's another reason I get excited for snow days?
                         No, not a date with my husband, but with this guy:
                       Yup, that guy. THAT guy is DAD and we have a blast. 
    We usually go on dates on snow days, or days that I am off work. I pick him up and we get to hang out together over an early breakfast, or a dive that sells the best greasy hamburgers. Just the two of us. He's a great listener. He'll try to sing, outloud, in his lovely tenor voice and try to embarrass you.  AND he gets mad when you try to pay, citing that "I need to put away my money, 'cause that's what dads are for". Great, huh?

                   Thanks, dad, for a great snow day....


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