Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Birchbox Bandwagon

I'll let you in on a little secret.
I take a quiet pride in the fact that I am fiercely independent. I march to my own beat. A doer and a thinker. Not easily influenced.
 It's also a flaw.

However, if you give me ANY sort of beauty product review, feedback on a product, persuasive story, samples - Bam!
Total Sucker.
I will fall for it every time.
AND buy two.

SO that's why after TONS of consideration I am joining Birchbox. Eeee! So excited!

What it a Birchbox? A samples lover's paradise. Fun stuff without the guilt.
Essentially, it's a pre-selected box of high-end beauty samples that comes right to your door, EVERY month, for $10. Kinda like a magazine subscription, that you can cancel at any time. You fill out a brief beauty survey, they pick out items for you, and it's mailed to your hot little hands.

Yes, I realize this is sounding like an info-mercial. It's not. I won't be getting Ginsu knives and a free Snuggie with my purchase. I've seen a few friends with their Birboxes, and the packages always look so lovely. Girly and lovely.
So lovely, in fact, I am nabbing the picture off the website for you to see.

These are just some the types of products you could possibly get. I think you get 4-5 a month, and even can get full size bottles.
Good stuff, right?


Mrs. Clark Bar said...

Oh lordy, this could be dangerous. This seems WAY too tempting. I can see myself loving every sample, therefore spending WAY more than $10 a month. Let me know if it's worth it...

Lara said...

Yay! I have gotten 2 full-sized items in about 5 months of boxes. Sometimes they're a lil skimpy and then the next month they're awesome so it varies. If you review your items on their site within that month, you get $1 credit for each review. Pretty sweet!

Jenny Beth said...

i have been wanting to join but cant rationalize signing a bunch of stuff I dont need right now... alas.... i will live this adventure through you and other friends... so post some reviews :)

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