Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Whoops A Daisy..

A little sewing help, please.

I am sewing along, and then all of a sudden it's a RAILROAD of thread. Then, it goes back to smooth, even stitches. What's the deal?? I am not zooming fabric thru, nor have I rigged my bobbin wrong.

"Sew" annoying...

I had to.


Jenny Beth said...

1. can of air, spray everywhere into the machine.
2. thread a new and fresh bobbin
3. put a new needle on the machine.
4. read the manual about potentially adjusting the tension....
5. hopefully not this early but have it serviced... 1-3 should solve the issue.

Lara said...

Agree w/ Jenny.
Re-thread the whole machine. I'm surprised it resolved itself at all.
Usually when this happens, the bobbin is jacked or the spool thread came out of a loop.

It's always something trifling with a sewing machine to get you out of your groove.

Karie @ The HoB said...

This happens to me, thank you for posting, I am going to try the suggestions here!

Shannon Bevill said...

This maybe too "well, duh!" but I've done it before. Make sure your presser foot is down. Otherwise, I agree with everyone who posted previously.

Brenda in St. Louis said...

This has happened to me before when I put my bobbin in the wrong way. I know that sounds confusing but it is supposed to "unwind" in a certain direction and if it is not going in that direction then it will "jump and pull" a lot of thread.... sort of like when your car is running out of gas.... So, I pull out my bobbin, flip it over and then get the seam ripper out. :-)

btw... Love your blog.


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