Monday, October 17, 2011

Sugar Loaf

Ahhh.. finally.
Fall Break.
One of my favorite-est times of the year.

Every year, about this time, some of my dearest friends and I pack up a car and head to her family's cabin in the Heber Springs area. It's a weekend of laughter, squeals, red lipstick, staying up late, inappropriateness, and fun.

This year was no exception. Radiating strength and inner Girl-Power, we decided to pack up our old-school Timberlands and try to hike a local mountain mound, Sugar Loaf.


It was a real hike-walking up trails and then actual climbing the face of the rock.
It was a beautiful climb!

I promise I have 2 arms.

When we reached the summit, I was struck by how blessed I really am. So in awe of the glorious things the God has given us.

The Gang coming down from the summit. So thankful for them!


Mrs. Clark Bar said...

Is this the Sugar Loaf Mountain in Heber Springs, AR? Beautiful area!

Lara said...

This looks like so much fun! A long time ago, I was watching some Guinness Book of World Records show and the were featuring an insane free-soloist named Dan Osman. You should look him up. He died doing a diving stunt but holy cow, he was amazing brave/foolish.

Daphne said...

LOVE that spot! Just catching up/blog stalking you a little today!

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