Friday, January 27, 2012

Back in the Saddle Again

Cue Gene Autry.

I'm jumping back in the saddle. The sewing saddle that is.
Yee Haw.
I was able to knock out the top to my 1st quilt just before the holidays.  
But shortly after?
All that hot air fizzled from my over ambitious balloon.
(Yes, I did hear you audibly try to make that little balloon noise)

So, now? I'm back. 
I think.

Before I can wrap up my blanky, I have to decide on 2 main things:

1) I have my choice in hand-quilting or machine quilting the quilt layers. Since I am NOT Betsy Ross, a pioneer woman, or aiming to be cross-eyed, I'll be relying on modern technology to aid in assistance. So, machine quilting, here I come. And from what I gather, it might help me to have a "special foot" to feed the fabric layers.
THIS monster is a walking foot. It intimidates me. It has weird claw arm- thingys.  Do I really need one of these? I 'm not going to be doing intricate back designs. I'm not entering my blanky in a county fair. I just want a simple zip-zip-zip over the pattern.
Perhaps I need to research this more.

2) The second thing I need to decide on is a backing. I need to choose a fabric that will be the underside to my chevy pattern. I'm looking for it to be more white with a black print, as my actual chevy stripes are more black with some white.

Clear as mud??
Here are justa few of my "maybes" for the backing. These are all from Who knew they had such great choices??

This cowgirl has some work to do.


Alex Clark said...

Oo, it is going to be so purrty! I was actually googling "quilting for beginners' this morning and became so overwhelmed I ended up you-tubing people falling. Good luck!

Lara said...

oooh! I love the 2nd from the bottom pattern!
For some reason, I thought you had finished it already!
Never tried using a walking foot before. Yeah, I'd be a lil nervous about that but omg - doing it by hand would be nuts.

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