Thursday, March 1, 2012

Toes-ies Out.. and Twitter..

Just a few thoughts today...

The weather has been so nice lately. Warm and spring like, here in the armpit of America  the South, but let me ask you an all important question.
Are your toes-ies out yet? Have you christened your sandal collection yet? And when do YOU decide to let 'em loose?

(Disclaimer: those are NOT mine)
I am always wondering if today, or tomorrow, or the next day will be the day to let out my insanely pale, shriveled winter feet. Growing up, Emmy wouldn't let me rock my clunky, too big, 8th grade Steve Maddens until at LEAST after Spring Break. Oh, woe, the adolescent torture. Now, considering my own break is a month away, I don't know when will be a good time.
After Easter?
After the last "cold snap" (also something only mothers say)?
Do you give into peer pressure and break in your sandals when your friends do?
Your co-workers?
Or when the lady at church with the Velociraptor 2nd toe does?
(Yeah, you know what I'm talking about)
I'm feeling a trip to the nail salon bubbling up...

In COMPLETELY unrelated news, I'm toying with the Twitter idea.
A slave to social media, it intrigues me.
Translate: In my mind, Jimmy Fallon and I are already friends, who carry on legit conversations via Twitter.
One can dream....


Lara said...

I finally rolled my jeans cuffs up a few days ago. It's a step towards sandals! ;)

Oh please join twitter! It's so much fun and I can show you some great people to follow! Here's my profile:!/milkglassheart

SarahLynn said...

I busted my flip flops out last weekend! It has been an INSANELY mild winter up here in Ohio. Hardly any snow AT ALL. I think the most we got was 3 inches...and it melted the very next day. I honestly think y'all got more snow than we did this winter! But has to be at least 55-60 for me to break them out! :)

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