Friday, March 16, 2012

Awkward Awesome Thursday...


* Do you get nervous in a big group of people? Does public speaking bother you? It usually doesn't bother me. Note I say usually. Except for the few times in a random IEP meeting when Dept. of Human Services is involved or when I'm sharing at an ice breaker on a job interview. I talk fast and my hands shake. I give a little squeak/half cough. It's weird.

* Redbox is the devil. That $1 deal gets me everytime. My renting habits are awful, to say the very least. My Friday nites sometimes go like this: Great idea to pick up a movie, stand in 7 hour line along with half of my school and their families to rent said movie, watch movie, and then return it exactly 8 1/2 days later. Perhaps better renting skills will be on next year's resolution list.

* Thank you all for your kind words and suggestions whilst I was debating purses. The search is FINALLY over.. and.. well.. I got none of them. Not even a cognac. On a whim I popped into Dillards and found this beauty on mega clearance:

The Fossil Re-Issue Weekender

...and just maybe I got the matching clutch wallet, too

* I've been running and running. I finally broke the 30 min. mark for a 5k. 29:53 to be exact. A little slow in the beginning, but I'll take it.

* The Hunger Games movie comes out next week! Raise your hand if you are going?!!


Lara said...

Yeah, public speaking - I'm either overly excited or lose my words.

Got my Hunger Games tickets in advance in February! It comes out on my b-day so, that's what I'll be doing!!

Can't wait!

Love the new bag! Yay for super duper clearance sales!

Alex Clark said...

Both hands raised, speed demon!

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