Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cognac, Cognac, Where Ever You Are...

Stay with me:

Scenario: You wake up one day, take a look at your sad, little _____ (fill in blank with some replaceable item), decide it's seen better days, and declare that "It's time for a new one!" So with some gusto, a hot pursuit begins.

I now hate a "hot pursuit" as I have been pursuit-ing since.., I dunno, THIS post!

What am I searching for.
A purse.
A simple tote to carry my crap from point A to B. But alas, I've made it difficult for myself. I know EXACTLY what I want, and what I don't want to pay.

The problem?
Finding it.

I've been head over heels for my current cognac leather tote for awhile now. Maybe over a year. Plain. Real Leather. Simple. Roomy, and bought at a TJ Maxx Price.
So, when I head it crying from all the unsightly wear and tear I've put it thru, I decided to OFFICIALLY start the hunt. Saving my money, checking EVERY possible place.

That was months ago. I feel like a tiger with leg cramps- I've been ready to pounce for W-A-Y too long. But I'm thru, THRU I tell you. I'm about to narrow it all down ( and purge some of the sites on My Favorites tab). Wanna see some contenders? They were all carefully interviewed in front of a panel committee and given a random drug screening...Kidding.

or possibly this hunk of chunk change:

(Kidding, Mom)

Thoughts? Any peer-pressured help would be appreciated!


Shannon Bevill said...

I like the Halogen one the best... I find myself keeping an eye out for something similar.

Alex Clark said...

My favorite is the Halogen!! Plus it is on sale for 33% off!!! Think of all the money you're saving...

Kelley @ said...

Hi! Visiting from tt&j. Ohh.. I love all of those purses! I wish I could splurge and get If I had to pick Id go with the Steve Madden.. I like the shape and the color. :)

Im going to poke around your site some more.. if you get a chance I would love for you to share this at my Friday party :)

Lara said...

I really like the Halogen and the Steve Madden below it. They both have the shoulder strap which is nice if you need to free up a bit. The Madden isn't as deep though - either a good or bad thing - depends on you.

The Halogen is real leather and only a wee bit more pricey than the Madden so I think it's totally worth it!

Audrey @ Putting Me Together said...

Bahaha tiger with leg cramps! Loved that. Anyway, I choose Halogen! I have this one in "Nutmeg" and love it: Buttery leather, well made, plain, and can carry lots of my crap...and give me shoulder pain in the process because of it. But let's overlook that part...

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