Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cargo Hold

Remember when we were all kiddos and pockets were big.
 I mean BIG.
 Girls and guys wearing ridiculous bottoms with pockets so big you could hide your Trapper Keeper, your 500 piece Bonnie Bell Lip Smacker collection (I was partial to Dr. Pepper), and/or a sampling of your teen angst CD's. If you were wearing something on your lower half, I can guarantee you it had a pocket. And possibly a little knobby button.

Yeah, Jnco, Stussy, and Old Navy (circa 1996), I'm talking about you.

Imagine the horror  digust I've felt when celebrities have casually turned up with unnecessary fabric all over their teensie little thighs in the form of...pockets!

Traitors, all traitors.

So, fast forward a bit.I was pilfering through the racks at Gap one day and spotted a pair. Actually this pair, to be exact:

 An ugly, olive green heap of fabric. Snickering, I pulled them with me into the dressing room, imagining the good chuckle I would have at the ridiculousness.

Wait- Time Out- do you do that too or am I the only one? Try on things that you know will look awful? I do sometimes, just for the giggles...weirdo, I know.

After some brief hopping and sliding into the heap of olive green, they weren't... actually half bad. Like, I LIKED them. Lady like AND tough. GI Joe AND GI Jane.
 And at a cool 17.95 + 40% off?
 Looked even better.
Thus, beginning my love affair with the skinny cargo pant.

They go with everything. I promise. Throw on your T-shirt, your sleep shirt, your patterned top, your cute new shirt, the semi clean top you wore yesterday, whatever. Channel your inner UPS man and find you a pair.
You won't be sah-wwy!


Kate said...

I just chuckled my way through that whole post. And you lucky turd, I've never found pants that well priced that I could fall in love with at Gap. Can't wait to see you style yours!

Lara said...

Those are a far cry from the cargos we used to wear!
They're really flattering actually! I got a pair too, cheap as dirt at Old Navy a while back - same color & everything! I had forgotten all about em.. need to dig them out!

Pop Champagne said...

haha I never thought olive green would look good on me but i tried on a pair and like you said it isn't TOO bad... not too much like GI Jane but ya def remind me of it! i hope they won't bring back army print clothes form the 90's speaking of which that was awful haha

Audrey @ Putting Me Together said...

Ahhh, I'm so glad you liked them because I think they are dang cute. I'm jealous you got them for the price you did--and from Gap!

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