Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Creature of Habit

 There are few things in life that I love more than stumbling upon an epic find. 
Trying out some new product, thing, or idea and...
It completely changes you. Your life becomes better, easier, faster, sunnier, no matter how trivial. And then you like them so much, you keep going back to them. And you buy 4 of them. Cue the Julie Andrew's music.

 Here are a few of my Favorite Things.. well, as of lately.

Oh, how I love these. I never thought exposing so much of my leg could make me feel so.. liberated. They have just enough stretch that I can feel comfortable eating my beloved McDonald's Filet o Fish for lunch. And I'm kinda digging the the collection of Rainbow Bright colors. 
2) Target Milena Wedge
The perfect shoe. Not a heel and not a flat. Simple enough for dressy days. Simple enough for errands. They come in simple colors. Perfect.

3) Pinky- White Nude Nail Polish
I've really re-kindled a love for polish. But as much as I'm loving it again, only my toesies are seeing the colors. My hands, however, are on a quest for the perfect pinky-white nude.
OPI's Bubble Bath has been satisfying my craving, lately.

4) Urban Outfitters Scarves
Mmmm.. a more recent find.  I can't quite explain it, they're a bit grungy, a bit casual, and a bit glamorous. One of those infinity scarves can't be beat.

Amidst the wave of mineral make-ups, buffing brushes, and "barely there looks", I think I'm the last person on the Earth that wears a full liquid foundation+pancake concealer. Everyday. There's just something about "cheerleader competition" make-up that I swoon over. Benefit is a great little line out of CA. They have some beautiful things in a kinda kitchy, retro wrap. Just playing with the samples at Sephora just gives me the willies inside.

6) Music
That sounds like most cliche-est answer ever.
But it's true.
 My family has always loved music. Drewsie and I still don't think twice about calling each other just to catch up and share a couple of great songs. But in the last half year, I've taken a real nose dive back into it. Old stuff, TV jingles, radio music, dance music, and stuff I would have never even considered. It just makes me feel.. together- like I have my head on straight. Like a big gulp of water. And I like that feeling now.
Here, let me give you a smidge.

*  The complete Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band album- The Beatles
* "Video Games" and "Diet Mt. Dew"- Lana Del Rey
* "As Much as I Ever Could" -City and Colour
*  "Holocene" -Bon Iver
*The complete Brothers album- The Black Keys
* "End of the Line" and "Comeback Kid"- Sleigh Bells
* The classical piece  Clair de Lune
*The 30 #1's- Elvis Presley
* some Iron and Wine
* " You're a Wolf" - Sea Wolf
* The Karen O and Trent Reznor cover of Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song"

What are some of your constant favorites? Do YOU have some "til death do we part" items?




Alex Clark said...

I wish I was a cool "music person", but alas, I am not. LOVE the nail color!

Lara said...

I live in the rock star jeggings! Have the two darker blue shades and red (which I haven't figured how to wear yet).

Oh, and liquid eyeliner. Can't live without it!

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