Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunny On The Bottom

Oh, Spring!
 This lovely weather leaves me just itching to pull out some spring clothes. While wading thru the sale swatches at Jo Ann Fabrics yesterday, I got a little sunny inspiration for some spring DIY.

High five for elastic skirts!
I whipped them up using this tutorial from the Fall.
I swear, elastic skirts make up 80% of my spring/summer uniform. Throw them on with sandals and a T, and you are good to go.
And the best part of it?
  Both prints together were not even $5.

I must admit it has been a month or two since I've touched my sewing machine. Stopping cold turkey has made me really miss it. I want to kinda ease back into sewing again- I want a chance to make some boo-boos before the quilting resumes.
Speaking of quilting...

That fluffy white blanket, my friends, is NOT part of Santa's snow village. Just my batting, patiently waiting for some lovin'..



Erin said...

I love the fabrics you chose! I have got to try to make my own skirts!

Lara said...

Love the skirt choices! I'm still blow away that you've even attempted a quilt. Whip out a few more skirts and you'll be back on the machine wagon!

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