Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Elastic Waists are for Grannies

Hey friends.
I wanted to say a quick thanks for all the kind words from the other day. I was in a mood, and shortly thereafter alleviated it by stomping in to the Goodwill to drop off a large load of clothes. I immediately felt better.
Annnd I resisted the urge to make a lap around the furniture.
That is some will power, peeps, will power.
So thanks.

 However, I DO want to share a recent find(s) with you. One of my favorite blogs is My Milk Glass Heart.
Do you read her?
You should.
In no way does she know I am spreading the love. But her writing and style is fun, funky, and lovely, all wrapped up in a pleasant life sushi roll. There is no reason not to share, since we all love sushi, right?
I was tooling around a few weeks ago, catching up with some recent finds she scored and fell in love with this dress.
A super-flattering, drapey thing, with a breathe-able elastic waist. Granny style.

  Fast forward to the other day. I was making a semi-paycheck Target run and spotted not only the olive, but the black on SALE for $6 each.
They jumped in my buggy faster than Brad and Angelina got together.
 Now wearing them a few times, I am pleased to say they are my go to outfit of the summer.
Go grab you one.. or all.

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Lara said...

Oh you are so sweet! Thanks a ton!

Hey, I'm really glad you pulled yourself out of that funk. We all get a lil shop-happy sometimes. It's fun! A good purge is refreshing though and def puts things into perspective... like, if I could have all that money back. Believe me, I've gone through it a ton of times.

Isn't that dress fabulous! I wish I had gotten the olive color. It's so easy to dress up or down with belts and other accessories.

Hey, are you on Twitter? I'm @milkglassheart


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