Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Can I just brag for a moment?
Like really let off some excitement?
Everyone needs to at some point.
 I just need 13 seconds worth of "High-five" and  "you GO girl!"
It might get kinda wordy, so stay with me.

Remember this post?
I've been achin' for a sewing machine and have been on the craft store prowl for one.

Ok, now remember this post from just the other day?
I cleaned, sorted, organized and purged my closet. When I finished, I had quite a load of things that were still "really good".
Perhaps some things that I had only pulled the tags off, but never wore.
Perhaps some things that STILL had the tags on them.

Now, take these two thoughts and smush them together.
I'm selling on eBay.
And not only selling, my friends, PROFITING.

Can you see that total at the bottom? I am up to $80, and still have a few hours left!
And what am I going to do with that $80?

Buy a sewing machine.
 Now, how's that for the "Circle of Life"?


Lara said...

Love it when it all balances out! Have you picked one out yet?

Jenny Beth said...

woo hoo!! i know you are so excited!

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