Thursday, July 21, 2011

Chapped Around the Collar

 Today at the hospital, I asked to try out some of the equipment. If I'm going to be familiar with techniques, I need to experience them firsthand, right?
Right- my thoughts exactly.
So, I asked to be hooked up to the  "Vital-Stim" machine.
What is it??
 Essentially, they're electrodes that can be maneuvered in such a way that it provides electrical "stimulation" to the underlying tissue/muscle, allowing you to regain some strength in weak muscles. Like this 'ole gal:

(don't you fret- I don't know her)
 However, it's controversial. I still don't know if it works. But I wanted to try.
We slapped it on my neck and turned it on.
Whoa nelly.

I could barely get it on without having some serious issues.
Think: eyes bugging out of my head & every muscle in my face from my nose down tensed.
INTENSE burning/pressure.
But from what I read, it shouldn't hurt.

I thought I was going to play it cool, when a co-worker pointed out I was losing some function in my face.
Sweet Lord, Shepard of Judea.

We ripped those bad boys off just in time for me not to drool in front of my new friends.
My take-away present?
Some sweet dime-sized burns, that might look like hickeys, on my neck.

Why am I telling you all of this?
As a public safety announcement:
"Friends don't let friends get electrocuted at work"


Jenny Beth said...

omg!!!! i snorted out loud reading this. hahaha!!!!

Mrs. Clark Bar said...

HAHAHA!!! Seriously, your posts crack me up! I about had the exact same reaction!

Lara said...

Hey! I've played around with those things before... just not for your neck. Can't you adjust the amps so it's just a purr?

Dime sized burns? holy cow!

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