Monday, July 18, 2011

Spritz Spritz..

I love a good chuckle.
Especially one that involves reminiscing about my childhood.
So when I saw a funny perfume post from my friend Lara, I instantly got the giggles. I knew I had to share some of my list with her and you!

 I've had an arsenal of fragrance around me, it seems. Some of my first fragrant memories were of my mom. My mom is a strong, independent lady and there is NO finer fragrance in this world that translates "strong" than Avon's Odyssey.

Just look at that 80's packaging! If I remember correctly, it had a distinct, kinda Oriental smell to it. Haha-  it's the farthest thing that could describe my mom.

She wore it for ump-teen years, until we both switched to Clinique Happy, years ago. I am pleased to report she is still faithfully "Happy" to this day.

I, on the other hand, have changed my mind like you change socks and shoes. My first fragrance was Elizabeth Arden "Sunflowers".

Yeah, you remember it?? What possesses a 4th grader to want to smell like dying, drugstore flowers? I loved it and was happily drenched in the soap, lotion, and perfume, too stinky to notice my poor choice.

After a short time with my beloved "Sunflowers", I went through an intermittent "Sample Phase". There was no rhyme or reason to it. It was simply what I yanked out of Seventeen, Y&M (oooh oldie right there), or Teen Magazines. It was a hodge podge of CK one, Tommy Girl, Clinique Happy, Victoria Secret Rapture, Gap Dream and others. Blech.

A side note about body splash. It I was not wearing magazine perfume, it was faithful body splash that kept me going. A pump here, a pump there. There is nothing like smelling like a Sun- Ripened Raspberry, Juniper Berry, or a Country Apple at the end of the day. I am confident in saying that I independently kept the Memphis Bath and Body Works open, with my allowance, from 5th until 9th grade.

So what do I wear now?
I am both proud and ashamed to admit that I'm stuck on knockoff smells.
I see you judging. and laughing in disbelief.
No really, I popped into a Cato with a friend almost a year ago and was waiting while she tried on clothes. I wandered over to the VERY limited perfume section and huffed away on a "If-you-like Victoria- Beckham-than-you'll-love-Dream". I bought it for $4. And I continue to buy it for $4. Call me crazy, but I love it. This is the real version that I've smelled, in eagerness, but do NOT like.

Mine even looks exactly the same. And you can't beat it for $4. I would say this is my everyday smell.
I also wear a few others, just when I'm feeling festive.

Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Things
Banana Republic Malachite
and to indulge my 10 year old self, I picked this up from a dear friend of mine.
Victoria's Secret Pink Collection: Fresh and Clean

What do you wear? Is your list completely outlandish as well? Do me a favor. Since I'm nabbing Lara's idea, go visit her and tell her your faves!

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Lara said...

This is hilarious! OMG do you remember the Plumeria craze? I forgot all about that! Yeah, drenched myself in that!

And I also forgot about Victoria's Secret Rapture! That stuff was intense!!!

Sometimes when I'm at the drugstore, I want to get a bottle of Love's Baby Soft for giggles.

Isn't it crazy how you remember so much about your youth when you think about a scent?

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