Sunday, July 31, 2011

Go Shawty..

  Gonna party like its my birthday.
Because it is!

You see, it's my birthday today and I'm 27.
 I'm still quite a "baby" or  "teensy-of-a-thing", as I'm described by the Civil War patients I work with.

So, today is kinda random. Nothing on the agenda. And because I am drawing a blogging blank- I'll just share 27 random facts about me, and we'll call it even-steven, eh?
(Warning: a long post ahead)

1.  I've never had a peanut-butter-jelly sandwich. Ever. Thinking about it sends me into sensory overload. Blech.

2. I have 2 brothers named Drew. Kinda. One real one. And a brother-in-law. Both Drewsies are wonderful men, and I am blessed to know and love them both. Oh what's that you say? Yes, yes, I'm sorry they are both taken.

3. My first pair of "grown up" lady shoes were for my 8th grade graduation. They bared a striking resemblance to this lovely:
 I somehow convinced me Mom that I both NEEDED them and could wear them. They were a super high, clunky Mary Jane platform, 90's style that no 8th grader should wear. I stomped around in them like I was Queen of the World. Thus, beginning my love affair with shoes.

4. If I wasn't an "almost speech pathologist", I think I would be a chef.

5. I played the viola for 6 1/2 years. It's a little bit bigger than a violin.

6. I have a STRONG dislike for milk, mayo, and olives.

7. I've needed glasses with bi-focals since the 3rd grade. I know what you're thinking. 

8. My initials spell L.A.M.E

9. A short story: I was born with stick straight hair. In the 2nd grade, I got a perm. And it has NEVER washed out. My hair has remained horrendously curly since then. Praise Jesus for a flat iron!

10. Do you know some people who like LOVE "edges" on foods? "Edges" on brownies, cakes, rolls? I am not one of those people. I will purposefully dig my way in the middle of your perfect brownie pan, just so I won't have an "edge". Sorry in advance.

11. My Mother-in- Law's first name is a fruit. No, not cantaloupe, guess again.

12. I still make my bed everyday.

13. I wore leopard print high heels on my wedding day.

14. I have a tattoo. Where? Mine is more of a "Tramp- Stamp". Kidding. No, its of an ichthus on my lower back. It's a Christian symbol used when Christianity was forbidden in Rome.

I would love to get more tattoos. I've always loved them. I think the alter ego to my Ann Taylor- Banana Republic self is Kat Von D. She is just so lovely.

15. I don't have an iPhone. Gasp!

16.My family and I have a special tradition of going to get breakfast. On days when I am not working or around holidays, it's not unusual for one of us to call on a moments notice for some pancakes.

17. I would say I'm an expert at winning things on the radio. Something about the thrill of knowing random bathroom or music trivia appeals to me. I've won countless movie passes, concert tickets, CD, movies, and we won a trip to NY. Yeah, I'm pretty good.

18. I was 2 credits shy of a minor in French. Why did I pick French? I'm not sure, either.

19. If I fall down ANYTIME, i.e tripping, falling off a stool or chair, misstepping, I will ALWAYS cry. I can't help it. I think it just scares me.

20. MY Drew (not my brother in law, Drew) and I once made a music video to the Bee Gee's  "Staying Alive".

21. I believe I have forgotten how to write in cursive. When I have to fill out some lines that make you write a statement in cursive, swearing an oath, I just write in print with some little squiggles.

22. I love make-up so much. More specifically, I love wearing a ton of it. Seldom will I go anywhere without it ALL on. Thick and heavy.  In 6th grade mom took me to the Clinique counter, and said "if I was to wear it, I would wear it right".

23. Being a collector is in my blood. I've seen my days of trolls, Beanie Babies, Native American paraphernalia and semi-precious rock boxes.

24. I can chew 1 piece of gum all day- and frequently do.

25. I know how to ski. Actually, quite well.

26. As a stress reliever, I take Zumba classes at the Y. It's where I shake my money-maker.

LAST, but not least.

27. I am thankful for a wonderful life filled with family and dear friends! So blessed.

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Lara said...

This was great! Hope you have a wonderful day... and don't fall because I will ALWAYS laugh at you!

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