Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Few for Fall

 Since I am dying for Fall to be here, I did a little inventory of my fall clothes.
(Yes, I'm that OCD)
Last year, I needed some new things, but just never got around to it. Now,with a few Fall sales starting to appear,  I've jumped at the chance to swipe a few items.
The best part? Everything was under $20!
 On my list lately:

While not exactly the same, a muted leopard print blouse from NY and Co- on the clearance rack for 3.99

Target Denim Pencil Skirt also found on the mega clearance rack for $8.

AND my true loves:

Mia Amore Lina from Sears of all places.
And for 19.99.
Cheese and rice, I love this shoe. Love it.
They're so ugly, they're cute. And they go with everything!
If you're on the prowl for them, it's also called "Mia Quincy", and it also comes in black.
I might even be considering the black pair. Love them.

Happy Fall shopping!


Lara said...

Ha! I say "cheese and rice" too! Never heard anyone else use it!

Love your finds. Isn't the Target clearance rack the best? NY & Co is great too! I got 2 blazers a few years ago for like $5 each!

I need to start thinking about some gap fillers for my Fall wardrobe too. My whole closet needs to be overhauled again soon. Ugh.

Meggy said...

I've def already started thinking and shopping for Fall. It's my favorite season! I am loving leopard for Fall. :)

My full Fall picks are here:

Meggy from Chasing Davies

Style Journey said...

We have started thinking of fall too! What great deals. New York & Co and Target are our favorite stores. The cheese and rice cracked us up!

Heather and Kayla

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