Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Last One's a Rotten Egg...

So now that I'm done with school, I've been dreaming of home projects again.
Paint decks, a rotary sander, old, thrifty finds. You get the drift.
But I need some ideas.
School has depleted all my superhuman creative juices.
So, I'm thinking about giving in to the latest bandwagon for some inspiration.

Yup, STILL haven't joined.
Shock. Gasp.
Like I might be the last female soul in America who hasn't.
I know about this Pinterest, the premise behind it, and the "gloriousness" of all things readily accessible.

So now what?
Do I just sign up?
Baby steps, you guys.
Just signing up might be my first project in awhile.


Mrs. Clark Bar said...

What I love about pinterest is that it is so effortless! It makes it incredibly easy to gather all types of inspiration...it's like heaven for the lazy crafter!

Natalie Corinne said...

I'm on it but I don't really get it... how sad is that?

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