Friday, August 26, 2011

Split Personality

 This afternoon was one of those afternoons that just seemed so peaceful. Just a regular, ole Friday afternoon, rolling into the driveway. It made me stop and appreciate where I live a bit more. How blessed I am that I can live in two worlds: fast paced and the easy life.

It's true that I love city-life.
 Fast driving on the interstate, cement, shopping and skyscrapers. The sound of a cash register, revolving doors in a big building, manicures and a Starbucks on every corner.
 By no means am I saying the Memphis area is comparable to that of some place like New York.
However, it works for me.
And I like it. Alot.

But there are just some times that I REALLY look forward to the drive home.
My (semi) new home in north Mississippi.
Leaving the honking, the smell of the mall, and the salesperson's cheesy smiles behind.
And cruisin' on in to a less hectic life.

Where towns still have water towers.

And there are agricultural buildings in your backyard.

Places where street lights come on.

And Mississippi sunsets on the 4-lane are an everyday event.

And though very, very blurry, you can still eat at local places like this one I have yet to try.
Welcome to Wray's Fins and Feathers.
Take that, P.F Chang's.

 So here's hoping you and I both have an easy, carefree weekend.
We both deserve it.

1 comment:

Lara said...

amen lady!
Hope you had a great weekend!
Did you get any of that hurricane action? I'm in Richmond, VA and we have trees down everywhere but luckily the bf and I were one of the lucky few who never lost power!

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