Thursday, September 15, 2011

Awkward-Awesome Thursday- School Edition

Kids say the darndest things, don't they?

Working in an elementary school, with little ones, sometimes makes for a silly day. However, I love it- and am blessed by their (mostly) sweet spirits. So today's awesome-awkward is based on the RIDICULOUS things I've actually heard in the past few weeks. So awkward, they give me the giggles all over again.
* "Mrs. Lindsey, are you married to the gym teacher?"

* "Do you have kids? Your belly is big". (Uhhh.. thanks?)

* "My Daddy says the HW you send home is silly and that I don't have to do it". (Oh ok, talk
                        with a lisp forever, then)
* We're playing a phonological awareness game and rhyming some words. Should have known
     that 'truck' is not a good one to start with....

* "Mrs. Lindsey, I smell pooted. Do you know how to do that?"  (Nope)

And although WILDLY inappropriate, my personal fave:
    Child and I are reviewing some SH- picture cards. Shoe, Shark, Sheriff, Shirt, Shaving Cream. Shaggy dog, etc. Face lights up and small tap on the shoulder.
Child: "Hey know what Mrs. Lindsey? My daddy shaves."
Me: "Oh, good? Does a shark shave? Does a shoe shave?
Child: "No! That is so silly!"
          "BUT know what? My daddy shaves his teeter!"

Happy Thursday!


Lara said...

omg these are adorable! TEETER! YES!

Mrs. Clark Bar said...

Oh Lordy! I've had:
"You have hands like my grandpa"
"We took my grandma to a nursing home this weekend because she drinks to much. She does this..." (while tipping his head back, pretending to be guzzling down a beer)
(While looking at a pic of cow, he points to the utter)..."Thats a boob. I don't like boob."

If's entertaining!

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