Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Missing Missoni...

A few weeks ago, as I was casually perusing through some TV, I heard that Target was coming out with a new clothing line. You know, those "famous" ones that run for a few weeks, featuring a handful of unique pieces?
When I heard it would be Missoni, I was over the moon excited!
Funky patterns, capes, knitwear, and sweater bathing suits with a kinda 70's retro vibe.
I mean, duh, we ALL need a sweater bathing suit.
But it still would be fun to see it up close.

So, after work, I stomp to my local Target and what do I see?
After careful "review of the situation" (ok, polite grilling of the random 16-year old boy clerk), I learn that they are all SOLD OUT, excpet for a few larger sizes, and mis-matched pairs of rain boots.
Cheese and rice.
 It was a "swarm of women fighting over this stuff", he shared.
"Women buying 6 or 7 of the same thing. I heard lots of ladies were going to re-sell it on eBay. And they told us our website crashed."
Hrmph, I thought.

Missoni, I guess I'll be missing you.

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